Can i explain myself? Not even if i tried…my life has only just begun…its in its third stage…my first stage, i was an athiest, believing life is about two things… ‘Being Good and Doing Good’ …. Albeit i made mistakes and had a found freedom in everything i was….in my second stage long story short, i finally found Him…i was touched by something so powerful that i had a 180 degree turn in my life, in the way i thought, in the way i felt, in the way i behaved, in the way i saw other people, in the things i did…just boom!! Overnight…BUT needless to say, i wasnt even fully ‘aware’ back then…little did i know that was JUST the Beginning ..of the End…of the Beginning and i would be in THIS stage now…the third stage… Where i am ANEW…i am different. Circumstances have finally put me in ‘My Place’ so to speak. THAT place where i can let go…that place where i can finally hand over all my worries and cares and wait to see things and how He does them…what He does…and His Doing.

Most of my life i have been extremely Independant. Independant of feelings, independant of people, independant of the world around me…little did i know, it wasnt the ‘right’ kind of independance, but rather the wrong kind of Ignorance. It was as if i was left to my own devices…to figure it out. He was waiting patiently, for me to come to THIS point….this Freedom and Understanding of myself and Him and myself IN Him…a feeling of a weight that has been lifted.

All those years of trying too hard to make things happen…no, its not about that…its about – Letting Go…its about Finding You and Knowing You. None of this ‘trying to impress’ bullcrap! None of this ‘taking control’ state! None of the Fake stuff! Just you and Him…and His Plan! No Less…its never Less from Him, its Always More! So much more…